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Every Man a Hero

“Every man wants to feel like a hero once in his life.  That’s why they play semi-pro ball.”

Packed with vivid game action, The Semi-Pros brings to life a throwback version of football played with uncompromising, hard-nosed passion.


In the early 1900s independent football teams sprang up in the gritty factory towns of America’s heartland.  At the end of the century, one team, the semi-professional Waylon Coalcrackers, still survives in an obscure Pennsylvania town.  But Waylon and its once-mighty team have fallen on hard times.  The town is dying economically.  The Coalcrackers have become perennial losers.  The sponsoring athletic club is even compelled to cut a deal with a scheming businessman to fund the upcoming season.  Then Mike Rader, the last of the Coalcracker heroes, returns.  Cool and bold, Mike re-ignites an old romance with Leah Marciniak, an attractive, strong-willed reporter.  Then he triggers a surprising chain of events that rejuvenates the town’s spirit and gives Waylon one last, come-from-behind chance on the field and off.


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